Below, public policy expert and health freedom activist, Toby Rogers, Ph.D., discusses how the use of “good trouble” has been co-opted.

“John Lewis coined the term ‘good trouble’ to signify the importance of challenging segregation. Lewis is an American hero and his use of the term was correct and vital.

“Today, some have weaponized the term to mean whatever they want it to mean—from forcing people to inject pharmaceutical products against their will to radically re-writing the social contract.

“In the 1960s, progressives, including Lewis, opposed the state and corporate power. Today, some progressives are agents of the state and serve the interests of the most contemptible elements of corporate power (especially the pharmaceutical industry).

“It’s high time for us to return to the original meaning of ‘good trouble’ as challenging state and corporate power and returning sovereignty and dignity to individuals and families.”